Anyone else with Time Warner cable modem seeing latency issues?

Last night it was sky high, this morning I'm seeing stuff like:

64 bytes from icmp_seq=458 ttl=53 time=62.543 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=459 ttl=53 time=55.939 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=457 ttl=53 time=2793.204 ms (DUP!)
64 bytes from icmp_seq=458 ttl=53 time=2122.937 ms (DUP!)
64 bytes from icmp_seq=459 ttl=53 time=1413.484 ms (DUP!)
64 bytes from icmp_seq=460 ttl=53 time=661.052 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=461 ttl=53 time=59.296 ms
--- yahoo.com ping statistics ---
465 packets transmitted, 459 packets received, +48 duplicates, 1% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 51.891/184.343/2793.204/427.977 ms

Jay & Silent Bob

Working computer again...

Moral of the story: Ignore almost anything Apple tells you and don't buy a Mac unless you want to buy a new system every 2-3 years or basically become unsupported.

So after:

* The new MacOS patch (10.5.7) apparently damaged my video card (granted, the NVIDIA 8800GTs are prone to dying in 6 months I read so it was probably bound to happen soon anyways)
- I suspect some fan control setting was changed maybe as the fans would rev up when I hit intense graphics before the patch but not after now that I think about it.
- LOTS of other people have experienced the exact same issue with various applications

* The Apple store telling me they don't sell the old version of Mac OS I needed

* Ignoring them and went to store anyways to find that version in plentiful amounts

* Arguing with the "Genius" (what a smug term) that I can't revert back to an older version of Mac OS

* Ignoring the "Genius" and reverting back to the older Mac OS version with all my settings perfectly saved

* Finding out that the NVIDIA graphics card I was using is discontinued and there are no real graphics card choices left for Gen 1 Mac Pros to play any reasonably graphical game

* Trying to buy a new video card in the Barton Creek Apple store but being refused because they only sell them store installed. Seriously, I argued with them for like 10 minutes. There is nothing special at all about installing this card, I'm 99% sure it is to prevent Gen 1 Macs from being upgraded to the card I was buying.

* Going to the Domain Apple store and buying a new video card which Apple informs me does not work in Gen 1 Macs but has plenty of horsepower (for twice what it should cost because they have 32KB extra ROM on the card; what a mark up!)

* Seeing the new video card (ATI HD 4870) run WoW beautifully on my Gen 1 Mac

I am up and running. It is obvious that Apple is placing artificial barriers in the way of people continuing to enjoy their Gen 1 Mac Pros in hopes of an up sell. These are not some ancient dinosaur as Apple apparently likes to treat them. Mine probably has 2x the processing power I could ever use still; it's all about the I/O and graphics now.

(*@#ing Apple and Mac OS 10.5.7!!!

"We don't sell Mac OS 10.5.6 anymore, we only sell 10.5.7!"

W...T...F... I'm very close to literally taking a baseball bat and smashing my Mac Pro to pieces. Not even joking. The representative suggested I go on EBay to try to find 10.5.6; how nice of Apple to take care of customers so well after breaking my computer with their recent update. I practically have an aluminum brick sitting here but maybe in a few weeks I can find some back alley copy of the software to fix a problem Apple directly caused. What BS.
Rock On

My game on a historical game list...

Scroll down to 1995 and search for "Illusia" at (his page screws up searching the entire thing from the top for some reason):
... which is the history of MUDs and MMORPS. I'm surprised to see it on there actually. :)

I sent some more information to him to see if he'll update that brief section a bit:

Three co-founders of Illusia:

Paul Montgomery - Server architecture/coding (C)
Dave Boynton - Client architecture/coding (C)
Mike [forget last name] - Business/management/marketing

IIRC, we charged $10/month to play and had several hundred players. We were in magazine articles I'm told (never looked up from the 12-18 hour coding sessions those days) being compared to Ultima Online (who mysteriously implemented a lot of our newest features several weeks later after their implementors came into the game to play and ask questions...) :)

Things were going well until one of our co-founders decided to *ahem* clean the company bank account out just before our company "Living Mask Productions" closed a venture capital funding round of $10 million. Things quickly fell apart at that point unfortunately and our competitors are now practically a household name.

The wall street bailout bill is so important to get passed quickly...

... that there is time to tack on 40 amendments (when I stopped counting, there may be hundreds). The amendments only change the bill size from 113 pages to 451. Quick, vote yes, we don't have time to analyze all of this!!!! You wouldn't want zingers such as the following to slip by without a yes would you!? :

"Seven-year cost recovery period for motorsports racing track facility."

"Permanent authority for undercover operations."

"Accelerated depreciation for business property on Indian reservations."

Don't forget the ever important ammendment:
"Short title."

Interesting number game

"The U.S. mortgage market is estimated at $12 trillion with approximately 9.2% of loans either delinquent or in foreclosure through August 2008."

So roughly $1.1 trillion delinquent or in foreclosure.

$700 billion proposed to be given to corporations by Congress which recently failed in its current incarnation.

Heck, you could bail out almost 64% of the folks in trouble directly with that kind of money and buy their house for them. Did I do some math wrong or does all of this seem pretty crazy?